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China auto parts network: quality and quantity is king!

2016/12/8 12:52:36

Decades of economic expansion has been drifting away, the current period of China's auto parts industry has slowed down in the economic growth rate into a period of structural adjustment period, the "quantity-based" to "quality and weight" Of the strategic transformation has officially kicked off. For a long time, China's auto parts network industry has been measured by the number of business development, however, in the continued growth of production in China's auto parts industry is "unknowingly" revealed a weak trend.

In fact, with the improvement of economic level and the diversification of the demand market, the consumption point and competitive advantage of the market have already changed in imperceptible. The quantity, quality, technology and brand have become the basis of the modern market. Combat weapons. "

To promote the overall development of China's auto parts network industry, accelerate the construction of China's auto parts network industry, the solid development of international barriers, China's auto parts network will be on the market supply and demand side of the connection as an opportunity to fully develop the electronics Business services for the majority of users to create more value for the Chinese auto parts network industry to make sustainable contributions to the sustainable development.